Dissension: The Work-in-Progress Act of Penance – The Patreon campaign

The eagle eyed among you may have recognised the style of the title from a post I wrote a few months ago, and that would be because I’m talking about the same books. (If you didn’t recognise it and are feeling left out, or you need to jog your memory, my previous post is here for you to peruse at your pleasure). And if you’re too lazy to do that – which would be a crying shame because that’s a good post, if I do say so myself – then you can have a little catch up…


Attrition: The First Act of Penance is the first novel in a trilogy of fantasy fiction penned by the talented S.G. Night, and self-published by him at the age of 18. It’s a fantastic book and comes with all my highest recommendations of course. There’s a synopsis and more of a review in that post I mentioned earlier if you think it sounds like your cup of tea.

Well, now S.G. Night finds himself writing his Second Act of Penance, a student and self-published author, as yet unrepresented by a commercial publishing house … however, that could well be set to change, should the winds blow in his favour. Anyway, this now brings me to the point of my writing this post (finally, right?) which is this: Night has set up a Patreon campaign for Dissension: The Second Act of Penance.

If you’re unfamiliar with Patreon, it’s a crowd-funding website although it works a little differently to something like Kickstarter – instead of delivering a single sum at the end of the campaign, patrons pledge monthly (in an amount of their choice) in order to provide continued support for the artist to produce their work. Similarly to Kickstarter, there’s a tiered rewards system which the artist uses as a way of thanking their patrons. All you need is an email address and a payment method.

For S.G. Night specifically, this will allow him to continue funding his production and simultaneously stay in closer touch with his readers. And patrons can get rewards like preview chapters, exclusive access to some of his planning notes, free copies of his previously published works, and the promise of further free copies of future works.

But who could explain it better than the author himself? You can check out the Patreon campaign right here if you want to know more.

This is an insane opportunity for fans to engage with S.G. Night’s work, and one where you’d be supporting him in his creative endeavours at the same time, what could be better? I’m telling every fan of fantasy fiction that they should be looking into these books, and the Patreon campaign as well if they find they like what they read (and I can’t see why not because Night’s writing is spellbinding). Go on, have a cheeky look, you’ll be no worse off for it, and you might even find you’ve got some brilliant fantasy on your hands that you want to support.


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