Welcome to Night Vale – And now for something completely different

Podcasts. They’re a thing now, right? Well, for those of you that are more on trend than I am. But even I have delved into the world of the podcast, courtesy of a couple of Waterstones booksellers.


The guys recommended to me a podcast called Welcome to Night Vale, on the basis that I was a fan of stories set in the weird and wonderful worlds of fantasy type books. They pitched it to me as a bunch of short episodes of wacky stories set in one American town, mostly unrelated to each other, but with the occasional continuing thread. They told me it’s set up as a radio show, and the presenter has the most golden voice in the world, and the weather section is… well, they chose not to spoil anything for me.

So I gave it a try. And in three weeks I’d listened to over 40 episodes.

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